In a city where oil spills, ecological red-alerts, and poverty are commonplace, Catching the Sunasks the hard questions of how a clean energy economy may actually be built, through the stories of unemployed American workers seeking to retool at a solar power jobs training program in Richmond, California.

Over the course of a solar training program and subsequent search for jobs, Catching the Sun, explores the hope and heartbreak of unemployed American workers pursuing jobs in the clean energy economy. Through interwoven character dramas and archival that illuminates the historical struggle to build energy independence in the United States, Catching the Sun carefully weaves the promises and challenges facing this emerging industry. Catching the Sun tells the story of environmental transformation from the perspective of workers who may build a solution with their own hands, and their successes, failures, and challenges speak to one of the biggest questions of our time: will America actually, in a nuts-and-bolts way, be able to build a clean energy economy?


National Campus Tour 2017

A national screening tour of Catching the Sunis taking place in advance of Earth Day to use this timely film to spark a new conversation about clean energy in over thirty cities across the United States.

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